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DS Day to Day offers an Annual Membership for $25. Membership allows you full access to the forum, all videos, articles and Quick Start Guides. Join here.

How can I join?

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How can I start my 7-day free trial?

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Do you take my credit card information for the free trial?

No. We will send you notification that your trial is about to expire and give you a link should you decide to continue.

When does my membership expire?

Twelve (12) months from the date in which your membership was processed. Example: If your membership is processed on 9/7/2017, then your membership expires on 9/30/2018. 

I paid my membership fee with a credit card. Are renewal fees automatically charged to that card?

No, we do not save any payment information. You will need to resubmit your credit card information each time you renew. If you need to make specific payment arrangements, contact us at info@dsdaytoday.com.

How will I know when my membership expires?

A renewal notice will be sent to you two weeks prior to your expiration date.

Can I renew my membership early?

Yes, absolutely! If you renew your membership before your current expiration date, your membership will extend for another 365 days from your original expiration date. If you let your membership lapse, you will receive a 365 day membership from when you submit your renewal.

How do I purchase a gift membership?

To purchase a gift annual DS Day to Day membership, click here.

You must enter the recipient's email address, and the gift membership will be emailed to that individual. A confirmation of purchase will be displayed for the purchaser. Gift memberships should be treated like cash. If stolen, gift memberships will not be reimbursed or replaced.

DS Day to Day offers an Annual Membership for $25.

A Custom Guide for $10 and a Personalized Guide for $100.

How can I change my personal information? (Postal Address, Email Address, Phone Number, etc.)

For any changes to membership information, please go to “my account.”

How do I change my address and e-mail?

Once you successfully log in, go to "My Account" near the upper right-hand corner of your screen to change your home/business address or e-mail address. It's that easy!

How do I change the password on my membership profile?

Once you are logged in to your membership profile, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Click the red “My Account” button next to your name.
On the right side of the screen, click the drop down that reads "Hello {Your Name}" then click on "Password."
Enter your current password then enter the new password two (2) times. Be sure to follow the password requirements.

How do I change the email on my membership profile?

You can change your email address in four easy steps. Once logged into your account:
Click the red “My Account” button next to your name.
Click the "Membership" drop down menu.
Click the word "Profile"
Enter a new email in the email box, then click the save button.

Can I cancel and/or defer my membership?

All memberships sold have a no refund/deferment/transfer policy. If you know someone who would benefit from this site, encourage them to purchase and enjoy their own membership.

These FAQs are about the site, I need FAQs about Down syndrome! Where do I go?

Head on over to our community and visit the forum, specifically to the FAQs Board.

How do I join the forum?

Once you have a membership, you are free to read and post to the forum as much as you'd like!

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How do I log in to my DS Day to Day Membership Profile?

Please visit Down Syndrome: A Day to Day Guide and you will find the login area in the top left section of the page. You can login using your username and your password.
Note: If you have not created a password or have forgotten your password please use the “forgot password” link to have one emailed to you. If you have forgotten your username please use the "forgot member number" link to have it emailed to the email address on file. Should you not see the email in your inbox, be sure to first check your spam/junk folder. If the auto email is not there, please contact the Membership Department via email for assistance.

If I provide my email address, how often will I hear from the DS Day to Day?

You will receive occasional emails about new posts or upcoming events each month. If your membership is due for renewal, you will also receive an email inviting you to easily renew your membership online.

Does DS Day to Day share my information with anyone else?

We use email for communication purposes only and will never sell or share your email address. From time to time, we do exchange our members' mailing addresses with some nonprofit Down syndrome organizations. If you prefer this information not be shared with nonprofits, please contact us at admin@dsdaytoday.com.

What’s a Quick Start Guide?

Members can answer a few questions to get a list of helpful posts to get you started. Try it out here.

What’s a Custom Guide?

For $10, complete our more in depth questioning to get a more custom guide. Sign up here.

What’s a Personalized Guide?

If you’d like extra guidance and help putting together a plan for your child, you can chat on the phone or Skype with me, Andi Durkin, for an hour and then I can send you a personalized action plan in a follow up email.

A Personalized Guide is $100 for an hour of discussion and a follow up email. Simply click here to set up a phone or Skype appointment.

Any discussion we may have is given as suggestions only and should not be taken as a professional medical diagnosis or opinion. I'm not a physician. Be sure to check with yours.

How do I purchase an ebook or book?

You can make purchases at any time by clicking here.

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