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Raise your expectations! Please enjoy this collection of articles, stories, photos and videos showing what treated people with Down syndrome are up to.
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Good health promotes better cognition. You'll find health related articles from supporting better hearing to preparing for heart surgery interwoven with the best practices for promoting cognition.
What's beyond the tried-and-doesn't-work traditional Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy? Is Low Level Light Therapy helpful? What's a Neurodevelopmental therapist?
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It really matters what your child eats. Find great tips, recipes and information about how food and supplements can benefit your child.
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What is causing the symptoms that your child is experiencing? How is your child's biology different and what strategies could possibly support her?
How do you figure out what your loved one needs? How have others reacted to supplementation? What do studies say?

Message from Andi

Andi and Linley at the DS Options Conference

How's Jett Doing?
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How's Carter Doing?
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I'm so glad you made it here! This is a great time to have a healthy, happy child with T21. Your loved one's future has never looked better (and is looking better every day). Although your physician may not yet know the best way to treat many aspects of your child's development, which I understand is a scary thought, rest assured that I will share with you what is working for my son, Jett. And I will help you get in touch with other experienced parents, such as my science-minded friend, Linley, to clue you into great resources and keep you abreast of the most recent research and brainstorming about Down syndrome health. You are not alone. You have all the resources you need to be a successful parent. You will be empowered to give your child the best possible future with the best possible treatment. Your child's future is in good hands — yours!

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I'm sure you've already heard the negatives about T21: slow development, language impairment, mental retardation and a whole host of possible health problems.

Basically, you have also been told to lower your expectations for your precious child.

But, in actuality, the biggest handicap that your child may have is your lowered expectations!

Seven years ago, I created this site to raise those expectations. Everything you have heard and read previously is probably about people who grow up "untreated" for T21. But with proper intervention — physical, nutritional, neurodevelopmental, medicinal, educational and environmental — your child's future will be full of opportunities instead of obstacles.

I share with you a proactive plan of action to address your baby's root causes to prevent many of the symptoms of T21 from surfacing and how to deal with the symptoms that do appear until we find a way to prevent them. There's new research everyday! This is an exciting journey and I'm happy to guide you and to learn from you as well.

This website was designed so that you can find your own way and make your own path but, if you would like me to help you create an action plan in a more personalized way, you can contact me for my services, which can include Skype, a phone call and/or follow up emails, depending on what you would prefer.

Through this site, experienced parents, open-minded physicians, forward-thinking researchers will share vital information. And I will explain what I have done and am doing with Jett to help him reach his potential. This information can help you to give your child the opportunity to flourish.

If your loved one is not young, I welcome your wisdom and have plenty of tips for you as well!

Please take a look at the various posts and guides by topic, stage, through the search box or with a question in the forum. Let the empowering begin!

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Meet Linley

I'm eager to share my secret weapon with you: my friend, Linley, who has a son who a little extra named Carter as well as a degree in biology. She's one of those people who can read a study and totally understand it. I'm often running ideas by Linley to see what she thinks. She helps put two and two together so that we can move further along much faster. But most amazing is that she's agreed to team up with me to make DS Day to Day an even more empowering resource for you!

For the past seven years, we've benefited from articles from other parents and now, members will benefit from articles by researchers, physicians and educators as well! I'm excited for you to accompany us on this new journey of discovery.

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